{DIY} Turn a $80.00 dresser into a one-of-a-kind:

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Posted on July 24, 2013

I often hear people talk about how they would love to redo their home but they don’t the kind of money to redecorate. Refreshing the look of your home is not always about buying all new everything or splurging on every item… It’s truly about thinking outside of the box, using the usual in an unusual way. Here is a quick way to dress up a very mainstream inexpensive dresser from IKEA that you can do it yourself. The possibilities are endless. The dresser comes in seven different colors. You can use knobs or handles in whatever style you like. In this case used a chrome large handle and I added a pre-cut white glass on a white dresser but you could use any combo. For a more glam-ed up look, go to a glass store near you and have a piece of inexpensive mirror cut to size…


 1. Start with:

MALM 3 drawer dresser (79.99)


MALM white glass top (12.99)

KANSLI handles (12.00/pair)

2. Assemble according to manual:

 3. Make a template of the handle or knob distance:



So they all line up at the end…



4. Use drill bit to make the holes to screw in the handles:

DON’T be scared!





5… and VOILA!


…For more pictures of this awesome piece in action go check out the album “MODEL APARTMENT BEDROOM” under my portfolio tab…