Designer Spotlight: Bre Bohne

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Posted on May 8, 2021

Our Beyond Interior Design team has been fortunate to continue to grow and bring on new talent. Which is why we are thrilled to pick up our designer spotlight series and introduce one of our newer team members and lead designers, Bre Bohne. Known to our team as the kind soul who will always find a way to make you smile when you need it. Bre is a fearless, gifted creator. 

Hailing from Wisconsin, Bre always possessed a love of design, but discovered her passion for the craft is what “keeps her inner light glowing.” She quickly turned her hobby into her career, attending a private design school in San Diego and graduating with a bachelors in Interior Design. Bre joined our Beyond Interior Design team last year,  leading client projects from the design and development stage through completion and sharing that warm, inner glow along the way. 

Bre is partial to maximalism and a flair for the avant garde, always aiming to share her knowledge within each project while optimizing our client’s lifestyle through design. Beyond a keen eye for maximal design, Bre is particularly gifted at building strong connections with her clients to fully understand their vision while ultimately providing invaluable counsel.

Since her time with the Beyond team, Bre has become particularly excited about one of the firm’s latest innovative resources, the Lumion 3D Rendering Software, “We’ve rolled-out a Virtual Reality program that allows our clients to view their project in 3D during the final presentation, so they can experience their spaces before implementation.”

Leveraging some of the latest, design technology the industry has this Virtual Reality (VR) tool, provides our clients architectural visualization and they can actually virtually step through their designed home. This goes beyond 2D stills often seen during the design process and offers a life-like quality. It’s uncannily accurate and streamlines the design process even further!

When Bre isn’t creating a lush, edited space for work, she is spending time with her two precious, senior dogs, Wayne and Dakota, and creating beautiful connections..


Get To Know Beyond Interior Design, Bre Bohne with Some Fun Facts:

Dream country to visit?  

Norway! Northern lights and nature equals peace.


Heels or sneakers?  

Black rhinestone cowgirl boots


Vintage or new? 



What’s one vice you won’t give up?  



What’s inspiring you in life right now?  

I know that If I continue to work hard and remain focused, my life will be fulfilling.


Who are your design style icons?  

I’m a maximalist at heart!  Right now, I’m really loving Jewel Marlowe.  


What are three things you can’t live without?  

My dogs, coffee, and live plants all over my house.


What’s your current TV obsession?  

Broad City


What are your wakeup & bedtime rituals?  

My day begins and ends with taking care of my 2 senior dogs, Wayne and Dakota.  Other than that, I absolutely need a HOT shower to wake up and to wind-down.


What’s your favorite time of day?  

Right before the sun goes down and the faint hint of glow is still in the air.


Favorite app? 

Amazon Music, I have many playlists!


Favorite piece of furniture you own?  

My teal velvet sofa


Favorite design trend?  

Adding a large-scale graphic design art piece to any space


Favorite paint color(s)? 

Any jewel toned paint color! Especially deep greens.


Best piece of advice you’ve received?  Be unapologetically yourself and you’ll attract the right ones.


A book that everyone should read?  

101 Essays that will Change the Way You Think, being self-aware is something I like practicing, and this book pushes you to see beyond yourself. 


Favorite hidden gem in Dallas?  

I love experiential art and Dallas has an exhibit right now called Rainbow Vomit.


Candles or diffusers? 

Candles! I love creating cozy, ambient atmospheres. My go-to scent is eucalyptus with mint.


Your go-to for having a good laugh?  

News-reel bloopers on YouTube


What brings you joy? 

I find joy when I sit in my chair in my backyard, and I watch my dogs explore and play.