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Designer Spotlight: Cecilia Rivera

Designer Spotlight: Cecilia Rivera

The continued growth of Beyond Interior Design is a true testament to the great, creative work that our staff provides again and again. We are thrilled to continue our Designer Spotlight series highlighting staff that are going above and beyond their duties to constantly cater to client needs while delivering exceptional design.

Beyond Interior Design's Lead Interior Designer, Cecilia Rivera

Let us introduce you to Cecilia Rivera. Cecilia is a Lead Interior Designer at Beyond Interior Design. She attended the University of North Texas where she earned a Bachelor’s degree with a focus in Interior Design. Impressively, she also attended Georgetown University earning a Master’s degree focused in Design Management and Communications with additional research in UX Design.

Self-described as optimistic, creative and strategic, Cecilia has been a designer for over 6 years starting off as a custom jewelry designer and diamontologist for Kay Jewelers. She then transitioned into Interior and UX Design working on commercial, residential and multi-family interiors.

When asked which interior designer she admires, Cecilia replied, “Lella Vignelli.” The Italian designer and co-founder of Vignelli Associates was known as the business arm of the design firm which she shared with her husband, Massimo Vignelli. The company produced timeless modern designs for interiors, products, graphics, typography and jewelry. With her husband by her side, they challenged the past norms of women stereotypes proving to the world that women are more than capable to hold creative roles. You can read a bit more about Lella Vignelli in this article written by the New York Times at the time of her death.

A typical work day for Cecilia can really range depending on where she is in the design development phase for a particular project. She generally works on at least two different projects a day to be able to distribute creativity as best as she can. The day also includes plenty of check-ins with junior designers, prioritizing tasks, and scheduling deliverables for clients. Tasks like design ideation, reviewing of technical drawings, planning, client communication and the creation of timelines fill the rest of her work day.

The advice that she would give to someone who is wanting to work in this industry is to be patient. “Focus on changing people’s lives first before just trying to create cool spaces, and I guarantee that everything you produce will be successful and great,” Cecilia says.

There is always some time for a bit of fun, right? Let’s get to know Cecilia a bit better outside of her role at Beyond Interior Design:

Favorite place you have vacationed?
Growing up I spent my summers in Villa Hidalgo, Tamaulipas. My family is native to the area and it is the setting to some of my favorite memories. 

Favorite restaurant in Dallas?
Te Deseo

Must-have design piece in any home?
An accent chair with character

Favorite design piece or accessory in your home?
An oval mid-century modern dining table from Modloft 

Favorite coffee table book?

Current show or series you are binge watching?
The Good Doctor

Coffee or tea?

Paper or plastic?

What is your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is probably the beaver because I’m always busy and love building/designing things!

What magazines do you subscribe to?
I am a huge magazine gal. I am currently subscribed to Vogue, Architectural Digest, Dwell, Luxe: Interior & Design, Vanity Fair, Interior Design, and Bridal Guide because I recently got engaged! (Congratulations, Cecilia!)

Fresh florals or scented candles? Or both?
Fresh florals

Go-to place to get dessert in Dallas?
Mercat Bistro in Harwood District

Finish this sentence: This year I am going to…
Travel with my family

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