As a full-service interior design firm, we offer turnkey packages for new construction, renovation, and refurnishing projects all of scopes and sizes.

For residential and commercial clients alike, we handle the entire process, from design to build, overseeing every step along the way.

Our expertise

New Construction


You’ve made the decision to start fresh and create the home you’ve always envisioned. We will be your trusted representative to ensure all wants and needs are being reflected in each corner of your new home. Our team will collaborate with the builder and architect to create the most intentional design plan for your interior and exterior finishes. After our first meeting with you, we will align on a vision that will inspire a cohesive design plan including a 3D Model, all specified finishes, CAD drawings (including tile coursing and cabinetry drawings) and a plan to ensure the build out turns out according to details specified.

Biophelic Design


We all aim to take the ideal measures to preserve our environment and when it comes to your home it should be a priority. Our team aims to provide each client the opportunity to design their space with wellness in mind for better living. We specialize in optimizing and organizing spaces with a human focus to create a healthy home such as thermal comfort levels, air quality, lighting and incorporating plant life and natural materials.

Interior Furnishing Procurement


Within each space, it’s important to evaluate which existing elements should be kept as well as welcoming the opportunity to incorporate new pieces to create a refreshed flow. Whether it’s your current or new home, our team will sort through your thoughts and ideas to create a truly inspiring space. Our team will consider comfort, look and value to make sure each design element embraces functionality and is customized to your lifestyle. We have spent over 10 years developing long standing partnerships with manufacturers to maximize the prices of vendor products and to achieve international standards with local suppliers. Also, our team has established a distinguished BEYOND standard on bespoke furniture to ensure our clients have the highest quality on every customized item during the design development.



 Your home is exactly where you want to be, however, it’s time to refresh your space. With our turnkey remodeling services, we will enhance how you feel about your home and will ensure to make it a place you want to stay in for the long-term. Our team will take into consideration your busy schedule and will efficiently share certain renovations that will postively impacting your living – wellness and financially. We will handle everything – the design concept, purchasing services, the construction even installation.



Whether it’s your first location or you’re ready to expand via a multi-location overhaul, we are dedicated to tell your brand story via distinctive, function design. With your customers and employees in mind, our mission is to achieve a customized guest experience while setting precedence on services and brand identity.

* Project minimums: Design fees: $10K;  Total Budget: $50K 



/ Discovery

Every new-client project starts with a discovery call. This allows both of us to learn more about each other and ultimately determine if we’re a good fit for your project. If we are, we’ll schedule an on-site consultation (in-office consults are also available for new construction and new purchase/lease projects). This appointment will allow us to get a better sense of the space and create an actionable scope for the project. After the consultation, we’ll prepare a contract that both parties will sign, and we’ll collect a retainer to get the project started. 


/ Design and Development

This stage is where the magic happens! We kick off design and development by heading back to the project site to obtain measurements, capture photos, and get rough quotes from our skilled tradesmen who will join us throughout the day. After Trades Day, we have everything we need to get started on the design. While creating the floor plans and renderings, we’ll also source furnishings and materials from our exclusive list of vendors. Once the design is complete, we’ll procure estimates from our trusted contractors so we can present to you a comprehensive design and budget. During the presentation, we’ll provide you with 3D renderings and material samples so you can truly experience the design.


/ Implementation

When we manage the construction and installation phases of the project, we take everything off your hands. We’ll coordinate with the contractors, suppliers, and consultants to ensure you only have one source to go to when you have questions or comments —us. We’ll be your advocates throughout the entire process, allowing you to rest assured the design you fell in love with will be precisely executed. On the rare occasion an issue does arise during implementation, it’ll be resolved or on its way to being resolved by the time we bring it to your attention. In the end, the buck stops with us, and we’ll work tirelessly to ensure the design of your dreams is brought to life!


/ Closure

When the project is near completion, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you to note any deficiencies so they can be addressedimmediately. After every item is closed out, we’ll have a final meeting with you, providing you with a project binder and final invoice. We’ll also schedule our wonderful photographer to shoot your new space. Will style your place at this time and you’ll be able to purchase any of the décor items after the photoshoot is complete.


/ And Beyond

The end of a project doesn’t mean the end of communication with us. If anything does arise after the completion of an executed design, we want to know about it so we can quickly resolve it. We’ll also send you a feedback survey and always appreciate referrals and online reviews. We hope Beyond Interior Design is the right firm for you! We look forward to learning more about you and your project

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