Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an interior designer? Yes, if ...

  • You’re considering a new build, remodel, or addition
  • You want a cohesive style flowing throughout your space
  • You know what interior changes you want made but don’t know how to best implement them
  • You lack the time to schedule and manage tradespeople Read Part I and Part II of our Interior Design Budget blog to see what all goes into an interior design project
  • You want one point-person to resolve issues with construction or installation

When should I consult with an interior designer?

At the very beginning of your project. Whether you’re refurnishing your space or building a new home, you want your interior designer on the job from the beginning to ensure every detail is addressed. We work with architects, engineers, and/or builders before plans are finalized so the interior is truly personalized to you.

Even if you’re not breaking ground or ready to make furniture purchases soon, the moment you are ready, having already consulted with us will allow our team to immediately get started

How do you, Beyond Interior Design, describe your style?

Our look is modern with international influence, using our clients’ taste and lifestyle to shape our design concepts. Everything we design we bring that perspective. Typical clients come to us looking for:

  • Minimalist modern – Less is more
  • Midcentury Modern – Retro and with character
  • Transitional Design – taking a modern approach to traditional design
  • Contemporary Design

Will you be able to help me define my aesthetic?

Of course! Part of our design study consists of a series of specific questions and observations that will uncover your aesthetic and predominant style. Typically, we find most people don’t fit into one particular box.We’re all influenced and inspired by many different styles, trends and looks and that’s what make each of our clients’ homes unique.

How much will an interior design project with Beyond cost?

Every project varies based on the scope of work and size of the space, so the first time you’ll see an actual total cost will be at the design presentation. As far as design fees go, it’s typical to expect those to account for 10-30% of your total project budget. Here are some other cost-related facts to help you best determine if we’re the right firm for you.

  • Initial on-site consultation: $750 (first appointment to all design projects)
  • Design fee minimum: $10K
  • Total project budget minimum: $50K
  • Fee structure: Hourly rate

What’s the first step?

The first step in an interior design project is the initial discovery call. This can be initiated by filling out our Tell us about your project form.  This allows us to get to know you and your project, and it gives you the opportunity to ask us questions pertaining to the process.

What’s Beyond’s design process?

After the discovery call, the design process begins with our on-site consultation (appointment can be at our office for new builds or other similar circumstances) with principle designer, Juliana Oliveira. After this appointment, if you feel we are the right design firm for you, we can use the information from the consultation and hit the ground running with the design concept phase. We’ll bring tradesmen to your house to begin the bid process within the first week or two, and in 6-8 weeks we’ll have the design concept ready to present. At that time, you can decide whether you’d like us to project manage the construction phase (or organize installation day). Once the project is complete, we’ll perform a final walk through with you to ensure no detail is left unaddressed.

What’s the benefit of having an interior designer who can project manage the construction phase?

As a registered general contractor, Juliana and the team can oversee the construction phase of a design project. This allows her to select the best person for each trade (cabinets, flooring, wallpaper, etc.), and she’ll be the one scheduling the trades people, so you don’t have to. If you have an issue with something from the project, you don’t have to chase after the specific trades person, you just need to direct your concerns to us and we’ll take care of it. It makes the process smoother for you and we all rest easy knowing the dream design created for you is implemented properly. For more on this, read our blog Five benefits of hiring an interior designer as your general contractor.

How long will the project take?

For new construction projects and large renovations, you should expect the project to take anywhere from 1-3 years depending on scope and permitting process of your city. For smaller renovations (like a single room remodel), the time frame can be as little as 6-8 months. Refurnishing projects depend on lead time for products (i.e. if an item is stocked, made-to-order, or custom-made) and scope, sothey can take anywhere from 4-18 months to complete.