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By November 7, 2020

We all have that friend who’s ultra cool, a bit moody, edgy on the surface and a softy on the inside, a friend until the end and Stormy Calm style embodies that friend to the fullest extent. Layers of organic and sleek textures, bold accessories that hint at travel and philanthropy, all delivered in a

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By August 8, 2020

Geometry and Geometric Style plays a crucial role in the pursuit of balance and harmony through interior design. Exploring shapes, dimensions and positioning all require the mathematical practice in order to produce a masterful space. But when you take that science of shape and apply it further, infusing it within the style and decor, geometry

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By June 13, 2020

Flipping through the glossy pages of those favorite interior magazines, you’ve likely found yourself pausing more often on images displaying Raw Modern style. The two page spread probably features an incredible living space surrounded by concrete walls, softened with wood elements and cushy, off-white furniture. It’s easy to question whether this space is modern or

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