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Image of a modern tablescape
By November 20, 2021

The holidays are officially upon us! Where did 2021 go, right?! Ready or not, Thanksgiving is in just a few days and Christmas is around the corner. But do not fret! We are here to help you through these often-stressful times as you juggle family dinners, holiday parties and gift giving.  If you are the

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By December 26, 2020

Merging two lives brings spectacular change, taking from the old of each partner and curating something fresh and representative of the new chapter together, a lot like blending designs Modern Midcentury Boho. This process is undoubtedly exciting but also poses some obstacles and challenges. As lives are merged into a home, contrasting aesthetics and styles

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By December 19, 2020

This holiday season we’re showing you how to capture the spirit with a twist of modern style and festive design. We’re all for tradition, but leave behind the stuffy decor of yesteryear and jump into the bright festivities of now. With nods to mid century modern glam and classic pieces upgraded with luxurious textures, our

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By November 21, 2020

The single biggest misconception surrounding spec houses is that they are boring but they can be staggering, award winning design moments. We’re here to dispel that myth, showing you one of our recent bold, modern spec bathroom creations. Packed with unique texture, this minimal, masculine design aesthetic delivers highbrow luxury. We are thrilled to announce

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By October 24, 2020

At first glance our Preston Hollow modern renovation packs a punch with style and stark color contrast, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Before we reached the finish line, this renovation project had a major twist in store. Following the completion of the initial renovation and just a week away from beginning the

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By August 22, 2020

Up your lavatory game with the 5 biggest bathroom design trends we are witnessing with clients and across the industry. However, today we are here to report that less is more, so much more. The glam bathroom of yesterday is out and the peaceful, sanctuary of your dreams is in. Get ready to exhale!  

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choosing your interior designer
By January 11, 2020

Choosing the right interior designer is no simple task. Many factors come into play that will shape the experience and overall outcome of the design. Additionally, depending on the scope of your project, you could be working with your designer for months, possibly years. That’s why we believe it’s important you find someone right for

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By November 23, 2019

In early 2018, a Dallas resident, feeling aligned with our international modern style, hired us to redesign her 2-bedroom Uptown condo. The client needed more than new furnishings — she wanted a full remodel. As a registered contractor with the city, Juliana reminded the Dallas modernista that we could project manage the construction work and

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By November 2, 2019

To get a sense of an interior designer’s specialized style, one can peruse through the professional’s portfolio of work. To truly understand the designer, though, you need to know what and who inspires them. By knowing these facts, you can see the whole picture of what your designer could bring to the table. For our

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By October 26, 2019

Sitting around your friend’s living room, sipping on your favorite evening cocktail surrounded by those who bring you great conversation and laughs, you’re distracted. An eye-grabbing book lies on the surface of the space’s centerpiece, the coffee table, and you can’t help but imagine what wonders you’d see underneath the hard, matte-finished cover. You don’t

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