We take everything one step further –from design elements to organization systems to client communication.

We live to give you more than you expected. The look is modern, rooted in international influence, and shaped by the details of your taste, lifestyle and home’s architecture.

Whether it’s a full home renovation or a guest bedroom design… the magic is in the process. We handle literally everything. Our relationship is built on complete transparency and excellent communication.

Juliana OIiveira

Owner & Principal Designer – The Heart of BID & Head of Interior Design


“The ability to solve my clients’ design dilemmas and providing them with possibilities they never considered or have access to truly inspires me.”

With over a decade of experience, Brazilian interior designer and general contractor Juliana Oliveira, specializes in remodels and interior design for residential and commercial properties. She has a passion for transforming spaces through a designer’s lens of modern luxury with an international influence.

At a young age, she was inspired by her hometown and family of architects and civil engineers to pursue the design industry. Her journey began while studying architecture as she was tasked with interior design projects to build her portfolio. When one project finished, another one would flow into the queue organically creating her firm Beyond Interior Design. With her determination, creativity and a variety of clients throughout the years (2,010 and counting), she prides herself in being a strong, self-made interior designer and businesswoman who doesn’t shy away from any design challenge.

When Juliana is not conquering the design world with her team and clients, you can find her spending time with her husband, Randy Morgan, two beautiful sons and her sweet great dane.

Jonathan Jeschke

Senior Designer – The Resident Good Business Guy 


“The key to design is consistent collaboration. The fact that we brainstorm together and bounce ideas off one another is what makes us BEYOND. “

After years of experience at a multi-family, high-end residential firm, Jonathan Jeschke joined the Beyond ID team specializing in AutoCAD, space planning and FF&E specification. 

Once graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas, he entered the industry at full-speed as a Project Manager handling every aspect of the design process from the design development stage to finished construction. Jonathan aims to bring emotion into the spaces he designs and brings to life the client’s vision making them feel like they created their own home. Jonathan’s positivity, eye to detail and team-oriented way of working transcends into his work and client relationships.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, staying active, traveling and catching Dallas Stars games as much as he can!

Jonathan currently handles the day to day creative process for Beyond ID projects and serves as a staff manager under Juliana

Abigale Latham

Junior Designer – The Fearless Visionary


“It’s important to view the world as shapes, textures, concepts – so that can inspire you to create something more than just a room. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope and ask yourself “why not?”. It could lead you to something truly special and unique.”

Infused with a strong sense of visualization and perception, Abigale, specializes on space planning, mood board development and AutoCAD drafting. Her inspiration starts as soon as she steps into each space by envisioning modern solutions to take the design one step further.

Her passion for design started at an early age, from witnessing European architecture to staying up late building model homes on The Sims. While a student at the Knowlton School of Architecture at Ohio State University, she participated in a study abroad program focusing on Scandinavian Architecture and was a part of a variety of design exhibitions.  Throughout the years she has mastered unique production skills such as laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC Router and using wood shop tools.

On the weekends, you will find her around town living up to her nickname “The Brunch Queen” and visiting the new restaurants with her boyfriend.

Tiffany Lee

Design Assistant – Deligent Wingwoman


“When it comes to design, never play it safe.”

Originally from St. Louis, Tiffany Lee, assists the team with a wide range of project necessities from designing space plans to the creation of design layouts and mood boards. She graduated from the Art Institute and shortly after began her career as an in-home designer transitioning to a design assistant at various interior design firms. 

Her passion for interior design began at an early age as she was influenced by her mother’s love to redesign and renovate spaces within their home. Tiffany’s drive for knowledge and attention to details continues to elevate BID’s design process and project success.

Alexis Chastain

Design Assistant – The Jack of All Trades


“I love to focus on sustainable and health design that is bold and unique.”

Through words and superb customer service skills, Alexis Chastain, enables the Beyond ID brand to come to life. She takes the lead on the new client intake process, intiaties the onboarding activities and handles copywriting.

As a former multimedia reporter, her passion for architecture was ignited through various interviews of famous architects. She was curious to understand more about how people consider space which led her to her current journey as a graduate student of architecture with a special focus on sustainability. 

Alexis has an extensive background in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, PremierePro, AfterEffects) as well as Autodesk Revit, SquareSpace, Hootsuite and Microsoft Office Suite.

In her free time – she enjoys spending time with her pups, watching The Office for the 100th time (who doesn’t?) and staying active through cycling!

Gary Forsberg

Design Assistant – Styling Genius


Our out-of-box problem solver, Gary Forbsberg, provides our clients with exceptional customer service as he handles in-home installations and client shopping for key elements.

With over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, Gary also assists during content captures as a prop manager. His expertise elevates each space with art, accessories, or key furniture pieces.

His organizational skills and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone on the team makes him a true asset to Beyond Interior Design.

Sara De Oliveira

Compliance Officer – The Organizational & Procedural Orchestrator 


“An education can give you the tools for starting in the industry, but true talent and an eye for design is what makes you successful.”

With a law and operations background, Sara de Oliveira, manages internal procedures to maintain a well-balanced and efficient project management and client communications system. She runs all external communications such as the website, social media accounts and company branding. 

Sister of Juliana, she has played a vital role in the growth of the firm with her organizational skills and business strategies. Her daily tasks and the design industry is preparing her for a job in the legal field in which she aspires to become an attorney and later NBA agent.

Her charm is contagious as Sara will always find a way to make the team laugh and at the same time resilient and bold when it comes to discovering a solution to the unknown. Even though she doesn’t have much downtime, Sara enjoys sports, Broadway shows, band and the arts.

Micah Fazio

Expediter – Behind the Scenes Magician 


“I am driven by seeing everything that goes into creating the final outcome of a project and of course – happy clients.”

A creative mind always lending a helping hand, Micah Fazio, assists to streamline and instill efficiency in all of the designers’ responsibilities. She plays a vital role behind-the-scenes from negotiating pricing with vendors to scheduling and managing deliveries. Her variety of technical skills and experience working with design teams strengthens the communication between the team, vendors and the client.

She graduated from New Mexico State University with a degree in Graphic Design. When Micah isn’t working with the BID team, she’s either spending quality time with her family and friends or diving into an art project to keep her creative juices flowing.