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What’s the first phase of the process?

The first step in an interior design project is The Discovery phase where we get to know you and your project. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the process. In order to see a full in-depth overview of the Discovery Phase click here.

What’s Beyond’s design process?

After the Discovery Phase, our team takes the information from the consultation and hits the ground running with the design concept phase. Our team of tradesmen arrive at your house to begin the bid process within the first week or two, and in 6-8 weeks we’ll have the design concept ready to present.

At that time, you can decide whether you’d like us to project manage the construction phase (or organize installation day). Once the project is complete, we’ll perform a final walk-through with you to ensure no detail is left unaddressed.

How long will the design process take? Is there a way to speed up the process?

  • For new construction projects and large renovations, you should expect the project to take anywhere from 1-3 years depending on the project scope and permitting process of your city.
  • For smaller renovations (like a single room remodel), the time frame can be as little as 6-8 months.
  • Refurbishing projects depend on lead time for products (i.e. if an item is stocked, made-to-order or custom-made) and scope. They can take anywhere from 4-18 months to complete.

Can I break up my design into phases?

We are here to push forward the most innovative way of thinking to create and reimagine a space that checks all your boxes and exceeds your imagination. When it comes to the execution, we bring experience and expertise to help guide you on the path that works for you where that’s tackling the project all at once or in phases.

How do you deal with the shipping delays?

We have a team of expediters and project managers whose sole responsibility is to place, manage and proactively anticipate impactful ETA changes. They build installation and construction schedules in the most efficient way possible.

We work with over 800 different brands, manufacturers, and tradespeople with who our team has fostered meaningful relationships. This allows us to always be in the know and in a position to collaborate with our designated reps to confirm real-time solutions on behalf of you.

The current extensive lead times do push projects further out, longer than anticipated. However, we maintain communication with our vendors for constant updates. Our team also travels to top markets like Miami and Los Angeles to nurture existing relationships, create new ones and see in-stock items.

Among our clients, we not only sustain communication but also provide education. We voice the important role that we play to ensure all materials and items arrive and provide alternatives as needed.

As a temporary remedy and to avoid you having to live without essential pieces such as dining chairs or tables, we invest in a few pieces on our end to bridge the gap while we are waiting for the actual items to come arrive.

What happens once the project is complete? When do I get to see it?

We have a streamlined, comprehensive process for all of our projects that takes you from the consultation to the design, implementation, and beyond.

The Client Reveal is one of the final stages of the design process, which is a day where our team brings everything together for Installation and Styling. You will see your whole space come together, down to the pillows, candles, and flowers.

We live for a good Client Reveal day, it’s one of our favorite parts of the process – especially when we see our clients’ reactions!

Where do you shop? Can I come with you?

Our design philosophy is grounded with international influence, so we source from all over the world in order to bring you the best elements for your space, curating unique and tailored designs that are never duplicated.

We know you come to us for our expertise and experience not only on creating an environment that evokes the right feelings and experience but also as experts on the quality, performance and ergonomics of each of the pieces we select.

We take your wants and needs into consideration when specifying the materials and furnishings for your space, which eliminates the need for you to spend any time “shopping” or going into showrooms. If there’s anything in particular you need to see in person after the presentation, we can make accommodations upon request.

Who will be my point of contact?

Your lead designer and project manager will be your main points of contact throughout the process. We prioritize transparency and strong communication.

You should expect an update at least once a week from our team, so you are always aware of the status of your project without having to ask.

During the remodeling process, what is expected of me? What will I have to do?

Depending on the scope of the work, it may be necessary for you and your family to move out of your home. We always recommend that if possible, you be away during this process.

We ask that you stay clear of the areas where the work is being performed for safety and efficiency reasons. We communicate with the tradespeople and manage the entire construction phase while providing you with updates and progress reports.

I already have a contractor, can you work with them?

Absolutely, we can accommodate working with your own contractor. However, we cannot be liable for the work performed by them.

Can you manage the entire project from start to finish?

100% — as a matter of fact, we prefer that! In our experience, a project is more likely to get to completion on time, on budget, and with the original design intent intact when there is one party in control of the project from beginning to end.

What is the benefit of having an interior designer who can project manage the construction phase?

Since Juliana is a registered general contractor and an interior designer, she can oversee the construction phase of a design project. This allows us to select the best person for each trade (i.e. cabinets, flooring, wallpaper, etc.), and we’ll be the one scheduling the tradespeople, so you don’t have to.

Also, if any issue arises in regards to the project, you don’t have to chase after the specific tradesperson. You just need to direct your concerns to us, and we’ll take care of them. It makes the process smoother for you, and we all rest easy knowing the dream design created for you is implemented properly.

For more on this, read our blog: Five Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer as Your General Contractor.

When should I consult with an interior designer?

At the very beginning of your project. Whether refurnishing your space or building a new home, you will want your interior designer on the job from the beginning to ensure every detail is addressed. We work with architects, engineers and/or builders before plans are finalized so the interior is truly personalized to you.

Even if you’re not breaking ground or ready to make furniture purchases soon, having consulted with us early in the project will allow our team to get started as soon as needed.

Do I need an interior designer? Yes, if…

  • You’re considering a new build, remodel, or addition.
  • You want a cohesive style flowing throughout your space.
  • You know what interior changes you want made but don’t know how to best implement them.
  • You lack the time to schedule and manage tradespeople.
  • You want one point person to resolve issues with construction and/or installation.

How do you, Beyond Interior Design, describe your style?

Our design philosophy is grounded in modernity with international influence, using your taste and lifestyle to shape our design concepts.

Will you be able to help me define my aesthetic?

Of course! Part of our design study consists of a series of specific questions and observations that will uncover your aesthetic and predominant style.

Typically, we find most people don’t fit into one particular box. We’re all influenced and inspired by many different styles, trends, and looks, and that’s what makes each of our clients’ homes unique.

Do you design room by room?

Yes, but we also take into consideration the project as a whole when setting forth the design direction.

Can I get your industry discounts?

We offer our current clients 10%-20% off MSRP.

Do you have anything between DIY and full-service?

Most of our projects are full-service turnkey projects. If you have any special requests, please email our New Client Intake Specialist to discuss further.

I’m having my home built, can you go to my design center appointment with me?

Yes, however, we need to start working together well before that appointment date. We need to be retained with an executed contract at least 2 months sooner in order to get to know you and do a proper design study prior to selecting finishes.

What are the deliverables the designer will provide after the consultation?

The consultation is a face-to-face meeting with two experts from our team. This is the time you get to ask pressing questions, we come up with solutions, and execute a deep dive into the scope of the project before deciding if we are the right fit for each other.

It’s not a meet and greet; it’s a working consultation and any notes and knowledge discussed during that meeting is yours to keep.

How much will an interior design project cost?

Every project varies based on the scope of work and size of the space, so the first time you’ll see an actual total cost will be at the design presentation. As far as design fees go, it’s typical to expect those to account for 10-30% of your total project budget. Here are some other cost-related facts to help you best determine if we’re the right firm for you.

  • Initial On-site Consultation: $750 (first appointment to all design projects)
  • Design Fee Minimum: $20K
  • Project Budget Minimum: $100K
  • Fee Structure: Hourly Rate

The fee for DIY projects starts at $1,095.

What’s your average cost per room?

There is no such thing because each project is completely customized to you and your space.

Will I be billed more for wanting to be more involved?

Yes, we bill hourly, so if you would like more of our time, you will be billed accordingly.

Is the consultation fee applied to my final bill?

Yes, the consultation fee covers the cost of our 15-step design process.

What happens if my project gets delayed or canceled after we hire you?

We like to be very transparent and you should expect delays. It happens with regularity. Any project that involves multiple parties and trades is susceptible to delays due to human error, supply chain, health and wellness of individuals, shipping delays, damage in transit, and more.

We are equipped to get you through those delays and unforeseen issues in the most efficient and effective way possible with the least amount of impact to your overall design.

If you decide to cancel the project after you bring us on board, we have a cancellation fee of $1,500 that will be deducted from your original deposit, and the rest will be refunded to you in the form of a check.

How do the monthly bills work, does that include furniture and design fees and construction cost?

We sell our expertise in increments of time. Billable hours invoices are produced and sent out at the beginning of each month. Rates reflect the level of expertise required for a particular task. Schedule of fees will be included in your contract and discussed at your consultation.

How do we stay on budget?

It starts by building a budget that is realistic and specific to the items included in our design. When we present you with the design proposal, the prices reflected are the actual cost for the specific elements we are presenting to you — the actual sofa, chair, tile, light fixture, etc. It’s not an estimated or budgetary number, they are actual real numbers.

We also present actual vetted bids for the exact work it will take to build out the vision we are showing you based on construction drawings created by our team and the specified materials necessary in order to build the presented space. We always include shipping, installation, labor, and materials, so we end up with a holistic, all-inclusive number.

We believe pricing is one of the key factors of the decision-making process, so when we present you with the design (i.e. renderings, samples, etc.), we also present you with hard numbers.

We value your time, and we don’t believe in fluff meetings about concepts or layout. We put your asks, wants, and needs through our experienced design lens to make the best decisions to execute the best design within your budget.

What are some unexpected costs I should be aware of?

We try to anticipate the cost of unforeseen issues or price changes by building a contingency into your final budget. This is how we are able to always stay on budget and on track with our projects. Unexpected costs may come from:

  • Increase in shipping costs
  • Hidden elements behind walls
  • Expiration of bid or quote (if Client takes too long to move forward)
  • Moving and delivery costs increase if there are split deliveries

Do you have an in-house architect?

We work with a few select architects, landscape architects, and lighting designers as an extension of our team.

If you are interested in hiring an architect independently, we would be happy to provide you with recommendations based on your needs and aesthetic. Contact our New Client Intake Specialist for more information.

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