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Juliana OIiveira

Juliana OIiveira

Owner & Principal Designer

“The ability to solve my clients’ design dilemmas and providing them with possibilities they never considered or have access to truly inspires me.”

With over a decade of experience, Brazilian interior designer and general contractor Juliana Oliveira, specializes in remodels and interior design for residential and commercial properties. She has a passion for transforming spaces through a designer’s lens of modern luxury with an international influence.

When Juliana is not conquering the design world with her team and clients, you can find her spending time with her husband, Randy Morgan, two beautiful sons and her sweet great dane.


  • Nesreen Girgis

    Lead Designer

  • Priyanshi Jariwala

    Lead Designer

Project Management

Project Management
  • Micah Fazio


  • Celeste Seaman

    Purchasing Manager

  • Tecola Robinson

    Project Manager

  • Gary Forsberg

    Design Coordinator

  • Eddie Pinto

    Design Coordinator

  • Carlos Oliveira

    Design Coordinator

Accounting + Operations

Accounting + Operations
  • Elisa Miller


  • Mayra Sullivan

    Executive Assisstant

  • Becca Raabe

    Operations Manager

  • Sofia Petty

    Client Experience

  • Hibbatullah Zouhair

    Compliance Specialist

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