Four styles of modern design

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Posted on September 14, 2019

One of the first questions we ask new clients is “how would you define your style?” Since we’re a modern design firm, we understand their general taste, but we need to know more to create a personalized space. Their response, however, can be a bit disorganized. And, honestly, what do we expect? They’ve come to us because they need help articulating their style and replicating it in their space. We don’t expect them to familiarize themselves with all the subcategories within modern design.

When we take on a project, we help define the client’s style. Of course, this is helpful for us to create a cohesive design, but it’s also beneficial for them so they can make informed home decor/furnishing decisions in the future that match their style.

In other words, while not necessary, it’s beneficial to know your style, which is why we’ve picked four unique modern designs that have personality in their own ways. At the end of the blog, if you see one of these examples and say, “OMG — that’s totally my style!” then you can download the corresponding mood card to pin on your inspiration wall at home.




Traditionally, “glam” decor features tantalizing textures, rich fabrics, and metallic accents to create an extravagant and opulent space. While sensually dramatic, it typically keeps to muted tones as to not fully overwhelm a space. Modern glam interior design incorporates the tempting textures, accents, and muted colors of glam, but it keeps to sleeker lines. It usually consists of less tufted furniture and ornateness throughout the home.





Less is more.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architect (1886-1969) 

For minimalist luxe, less truly is more. It strips away the unnecessary, creating a simpler way to live while simultaneously showcasing functional design. Minimalist luxe interiors will have a concise color palette, pared-down silhouettes, and clean, crisp lines.





Curated interiors are all about the individual, so there are no visually standard elements in this style. The basic concept involves taking the emotional and treasured pieces of someone’s existing collection and combining it with new elements to create a space that exudes the individual’s personality.





Interiors that keep the sleek, clean lines of modern design but defy the rule of muted color palettes are prime examples of modern color pop. Colors aren’t just schemes in these designs, they’re the essence. Color pop spaces are loud, but (when done well) they also maintain the sophistication and timelessness of modern design.


Click on the mood cards below to download and print!