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Clean, Non-toxic Home Necessities 

Clean, Non-toxic Home Necessities 

While we live to design stunning modern spaces, today it’s what lies beneath the surface, the clean, non-toxic home factors that has us particularly excited. BEYOND id has developed its craft to not only create beautiful interiors, but to mindfully integrate sustainable, healthy living solutions. Throughout the years we have made conscious design decisions to improve the quality of our clients and our own homes. And while you may already know the benefits of eliminating plastic in your kitchens and freshening your bedding with organic options, we invite you to carry on for our favorite tips, tools and sometimes unconventional yet proven solutions to implement in your home.


1. Invest in Your Air  & Water

The consequences of bad air and water quality can be detrimental to health, including gastrointestinal issues, chronic respiratory diseases, and fatigue. However, there are several home solutions to improving these elements’ quality.

From welcoming leafy green friends into your home with natural air purifying qualities, to changing your HVAC filters regularly, to investing in the best purifying and humidifying tools the market has to offer, we are all for getting a jumpstart on your respiratory health. A few of our favorites include the Dyson humidifier and purifier, Noma air purifier, and Missed Global humidifiers. Check out our in depth air quality improvement checklist here.  

Depending on the location of your residents, full home water filtration systems may not be common, however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t something to seriously consider. If it may take some time to convert to one of these systems, a modern water pitcher with filtration features are a great place to start. 



2. Clean Design Edits

Before your renovations are locked into place, we recommend revisiting some design choices to ensure you’re choosing the healthiest options. To minimize chemicals that can be emitted through your paint and surfaces, consider low-VOC and no-VOC paint options and formaldehyde-free cabinets.

Smart bulbs are yet another plus. Circadian lighting can be programmed to give the correct amount of light at the correct color temperature to aid your circadian rhythm rather than work against it. From an environmental perspective, LED (Light Emitting Diode) have a significantly longer life span in comparison to incandescent lighting and are significantly more efficient. 



3. Smart Appliances & Cleaning Tools

Our list of innovations could be endless but for the sake of time we’ll only share a few of our top picks today. Now, likely more than ever, we are diligently minimizing the germs we track into our homes and safe havens, these appliances and tools are sure to aid this mission. In the kitchen, sleek, touchless faucets not only offer a design boost to any luxury, modern kitchen but can minimize cross contamination and make washing hands that much easier. The delicate dance to touch the sink handles as little as possible is no more! 

This next one may seem a little “extra”, however, we are here to share that the bidet is for all. Trusted brands like Kohler and TOTO have created multifunctional features and attachments, from self cleaning bowls to temperature control seats, there’s no reason to not reap the major health and cleanliness benefits from your very own water closet.

When you aren’t relying on your truly smart appliances to maintain cleanliness, cleaning supplies are the next best step. To maintain all the mindful decisions you’ve made to keep your home clean, continuing this effort with nontoxic cleaning supplies. Shop some of our reliable go-to cleaning supplies and homemade options and when in doubt, if you can’t identify an ingredient on their products list, leave it behind.

The most forgotten and dangerous germ tracker is the little device that never leaves our sides. While seemingly unconventional, our mobile devices are “veritable reservoirs of pathogens”. If you haven’t already, integrating cell phone cleaning in your routine is the best mode of action.  We are partial to this cell phone cleaning pod, it uses UVC light to kill 99.99 percent of the germs on your smartphone without damaging your device. 



4. Improving the Ambience 

While a clean, smart and stylish home sounds pretty inviting, stress can still manage to creep into your life and impact your health in more ways than one. Find what works best for you to alleviate and remedy stress. Some easy home integrations we are big fans of include aromatherapy and soundscapes. Choosing an essential oil diffuser to distribute a soothing scent that envelopes a room is a sure-fire way to say goodnight to the day’s stress and finally unwind. Lavender and eucalyptus essential oils are particularly effective in inspiring relaxation.

Check out this ceramic diffuser as it uses minimal plastic and it’s neutral color blends nicely into various home decor scenes. Amplify this serene environment with the right ambient sounds. From waves crashing on a peaceful beach to the soft crackle of a campfire, choose your oasis sounds and enjoy!

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