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The Faces Behind the World’s Most Luxe Lighting

The Faces Behind the World’s Most Luxe Lighting

Light fixtures are one of the key items in a home that should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are essential to daily life — bringing light into all spaces of a home. That doesn’t mean the fixture should only serve as a light source. Whether a floor lamp, sconce, pendant or chandelier, the right light fixture can act as both a practical facet of your home and a conversation starter. Knowing who designed your light fixture and the inspiration behind it may give you some helpful insight for that conversation and inspire your next home update. Who are the faces behind the world’s most luxe lighting?

 Let’s find out…

Designer Kelly Wearstler and her lighting designs

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Kelly Wearstler, founder and principal of Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is an American designer who has built an expansive portfolio of residential, hospitality, commercial and retail projects since the launch of her interior design studio in 1995. Notable projects include Proper Hotels in Santa Monica, Austin and San Francisco, the Four Seasons Anguilla and the BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman.

Kelly Wearstler’s team of architects and interior designers partner to design, develop and create everything from furniture to  lighting to textiles to home décor, truly revolutionizing and redefining American modern design.

The Utopia lighting collection (shown above in the top right in Aged Iron with Frosted Acrylic) features a topographic and organic silhouette inspired by California’s coastal landscape. The carved bronze that forms the fixture’s shell is juxtaposed with glass to highlight the raw glam of this fixture. The piece elongates any space where it hangs, guiding your eye along its sleek curvature shape. We used the large Utopia pendant to complete a dining space for one of our clients and it looked amazing!


Designer Sean Lavin and his lighting designs

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Sean Lavin for Tech Lighting

Sean Lavin studied graphic design and fine art before founding his own branding agency in the late 1990s, Visual Comfort & Co. His passion for lighting design was curated early in his career while he built the branding for Tech Lighting. Throughout the years, they began leaning more heavily on Sean for product design and eventually acquired Sean’s firm so that he could allot the time and energy needed to nurture and refine the Tech Lighting brand. 

Sean has designed the majority of Tech Lighting’s product collections including some of his favorites which include Mina, Spur, Sedona and more recently Nyra and Bau.

The Nyra 42 Chandelier (shown above) is a stunning collection inspired by the geometric shape of a flower bud. The floral resemblance is especially apparent as it hangs upside down above a living space. Nyra has beautiful acrylic LED petals that produce the perfect amount of ambient illumination. The versatile chandelier can be installed on its own or in multiples to emulate a structural floral bouquet.

If you are looking for something less feminine while maintaining visual impact, consider the Stratos 30 Chandelier (shown in the upper left corner). The overlapping panes of gently curved glass create a shade which surrounds a smoothly diffused, fully dimmable LED source, all within an ultra-slim profile. The smoke glass panels perfectly balance the brightly lit light ring making them an unmatched duo.

Designer Arik Levy and his lighting designs

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Arik Levy for Vibia

Arik Levy is an Israeli designer, photographer and technician based in Paris. He attended the Art Center Europe in Switzerland and is the founder of his own design studioLevy takes a multi-disciplinary approach in both art and industrial design that has yielded exposure for his work across multiple museum collections.

As a designer for Vibia, Levy has created a collection of hanging lamps with a three dimensional form — the Wireflow Chandelier. By emulating then simplifying the traditionally ornate chandelier, these pieces bestow a delicate conceptual character to an ethereal light fixture, using linear design and acute angles to disrupt the status quo of the traditional design. 

The Wireflow collection is a show stopper, plain and simple. It reaches for the floor as it hangs from the peak of the ceiling in your living space. The ultra thin lines and sleek bulbs allow for the eye to see through it allowing it to command the room without blocking your line of sight.

The design of a fixture is as important as the function of the light. It allows the space to not only be functional but to also boast shapes and lines that can elevate the design of a room. What do you think of the chandeliers featured above? Tell us in the comments below.



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