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Why hire an interior designer

If you find yourself asking, “Should I hire an interior designer?” the answer is most likely “yes”. We know, we know, it sounds partial coming from us, but once you consider all the reasons why you should hire an interior designer, you’ll go from “should I” to “I definitely should!”

First, know that interior design isn’t all about style, especially here at Beyond. Yes, we want to create a design that embraces the individuality of our clients. But for us, adding value to one’s home and bringing our expertise to help swiftly tackle challenges are equally important.

In fact, we could list a million reasons why we believe it’s important to hire an interior designer, but we know ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’, so we boiled it down to a handful of core reasons you should strongly consider it for your next project. 




Oftentimes, people believe hiring an interior designer is a frivolous cost. However, our experience tells us otherwise. Many of our clients come to us after having already invested a substantial amount of money into a project, only to have the end result disappoint them because they tried to do it themselves or they relied on their contractor to design their space. 

And trust us, that doesn’t mean our clients don’t have style — we know they do! But having a vision and being able to fully implement it are two different things. It’s like a painting — one might be able to see a picture clearly in their head, but not everyone can put it to canvas. Therefore, in the end, people often end up saving money by choosing the most efficient route — us. 

Because not everyone is a Michelangelo, hiring an interior designer can also save clients time. Most people don’t realize that interior design is a massive undertaking for professionals, let alone someone who has never designed a space before. For example, once we take on a project, a team of highly trained professionals work on the design for roughly 6-8 weeks. Once the design is approved, then we move on to ordering, scheduling, and installing — a process that can take months depending on material, product, and trades availability. We’ve met with countless clients who had spent years trying to implement a project and just didn’t have the time to see it through. While we respect their determination, we only wish we could’ve given that time back to them and helped them sooner.


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Another important value-add is the improvement of one’s investment — their home. When someone makes such a large investment in a house or commercial property, a well-designed interior can further improve that investment. Last year, even though we were all suffering through a global pandemic and a depressed economy, one of our clients finally sold their M-Street home after we completed their second interior design project. We approach all of our projects with the mindset of tailoring the space to our clients, but also adding value to their investment.



With a combined experience of nearly 50 years, our team has confronted nearly every challenge Therefore, when you hire an interior designer, you’re hiring someone who can efficiently, and effectively, tackle any hiccup that arises throughout the process. And trust us, an obstacle will present itself — it’s only natural when you have numerous tradespeople and products coming at different times. For someone who has never dealt with these issues, it can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. However, an experienced interior designer can easily mitigate these challenges because solving these mistakes comes second nature to us. 

Additionally, with our experience, we’ve seen most design concepts flushed out. That means, when we approach a new project, we can use our broad perspective to bring new ideas and solutions to each project, ensuring each design is one-of-a-kind. 



Ok, now while we said interior design isn’t all about style, style is still very much involved. Part of our work as interior designers is to define our client’s style. This becomes particularly important when we’re affecting a space with more than one occupant, such as a couple’s home. No two people have the exact same taste. In fact, we’re often working with clients who have different tastes and we’re tasked to marry the two styles. For a couple tackling the different styles by themselves, this can be a straining process. We, however, enjoy the challenge and absolutely love the reactions after presenting a design where both parties feel equally represented in their future space. 




In the design industry, many vendors make themselves available only to design professionals. This ensures their products are shown in the best light, always part of a professionally curated space. When you hire an interior designer, your range of possibilities widens immensely. Having more options —  from cabinetry and finishes to sofas and dining tables — allows the design to become even more tailored to the client, guaranteeing a truly unique look.



A successful process makes for a successful project. We’ve spent over a decade perfecting our process, ensuring our clients receive the optimum experience. As previously mentioned, design projects are time-consuming and contain a countless number of moving pieces. We often feel like conductors in an orchestra, making sure the right instrument comes in at the right time yet not impeding on another instrument’s part. Each vendor has a different role to play and comes in at different stages of the project. An experienced interior designer takes over this scheduling so that you’re not stuck trying to figure it out alone.



Not only do we stay on top of vendors and their work, but we stay on top of budget and quality control. Since we help our clients finalize a budget, we work to ensure no hidden costs come out during the implementation phase. We also check all of the finished work, materials, and products. If something isn’t constructed as specified or a table comes with a chip in it, we send it back. We take all the responsibilities out of the client’s hands so all they have to do is wait, then enjoy. 

Finally, we see our projects through to the very end. We can’t tell you how many friends, family members, and clients have started a project on their own, only to have it stop just short of completion. At Beyond, our process ends months after the design is complete. This allows us to follow up with our clients and make sure everything is as they dreamed. 



Hopefully we’ve shown you why you should hire an interior designer for your next project. But if you still need a tad bit more convincing, watch this short video starring Juliana and hear all the benefits for yourself! 


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