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large plants for healthy living
By October 10, 2020

After countless days spent at home this year, our appreciation for biophilic design and plants has only grown stronger. The positive health results of welcoming the great outdoors into our interiors through biophilia felt like the best kept secret to sheltering in place, and something we needed to shout from the rooftops for all to

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By August 15, 2020

One of the biggest passion points within our industry is the incredible power of great design and the science of beauty. We’re the first to fall head over heels for a curated interior, however, the benefits of a beautiful space go far beyond the surface level smiles they induce. No longer is our zealous for

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choosing your interior designer
By January 11, 2020

Choosing the right interior designer is no simple task. Many factors come into play that will shape the experience and overall outcome of the design. Additionally, depending on the scope of your project, you could be working with your designer for months, possibly years. That’s why we believe it’s important you find someone right for

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