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The Science of Beauty

The Science of Beauty

One of the biggest passion points within our industry is the incredible power of great design and the science of beauty. We’re the first to fall head over heels for a curated interior, however, the benefits of a beautiful space go far beyond the surface level smiles they induce. No longer is our zealous for tailored, modern luxury solely anecdotal but now it holds the ability to improve the health of our clients through preventative and curative, Design Harmony. 




While it’s not a new concept, Design Harmony has only recently grown prevalent in residential interior design to build a home environment that nurtures and encourages health and wellness. Harmonic design is recognized for it’s sameness, a sense of belonging amongst various features. You’ll often find a repetitious composition of design elements including texture, shape, color and form and a collaboration with Biophilic design.



Commercial design, specifically in the workplace and health spaces, has successfully captured this aesthetic as it’s proven highly beneficial for customer experiences and team productivity. Think Apple’s infinite ring, Silicon Valley headquarters or Google’s upcoming landscaper set for London. Not only are these architectural landmarks works of art but they are impeccably designed with efficiency and well-being in mind. 




We’ve learned that physiological changes occur when we assess pleasing surroundings, bettering both the physical and mental state of observers. This concept has never been a secret to our BEYOND id team, as we’ve seen first hand the positive impact our mindfully crafted design brings to our clients. In fact, we’ve long been major proponents of beauty and design’s neurological and psychological benefits of clean design.

However, now we have the medical industry to back these findings. The world of academia has legitimized the tangible benefits of interior design with research and new language. Not to mention the resources of our industry thought leaders like Beauty, Neuroscience, and Architecture: Timeless Patterns and Their Impact on Our Well-Being by Donald H. Ruggles and Nature by Design: The Practice of Biophilic Design by Stephen Kellert. 


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