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The Best Plants for Air Quality

The Best Plants for Air Quality

After countless days spent at home in the past couple years, our appreciation for biophilic design, good air quality, and plants has only grown stronger.

The positive health results of welcoming the great outdoors into our interiors through biophilia felt like the best-kept secret to sheltering in place, and something we needed to shout from the rooftops for all to enjoy. 

Beyond Interior Design Indoor Plants For Air Quality

Emboldened by our passion for wellness design, head designer and Beyond Interior Design founder Juliana Oliveira shared all things surrounding home innovations for health improvement with News 8 Daybreak.

Most intriguing to many viewers were the benefits of integrating fresh plants into the home such as improved air quality.

So here we are again, shouting from our theoretical rooftops to offer a deeper look at the ideal plants to integrate into your home that pack both style and a better quality of life. 

Spider Plant

Another reliable plant that does double-duty is chlorophytum comosum, commonly known as the spider plant.

This voluminous vegetation filters out an impressive list of toxins and is praised for its adaptability. Spider plants require little upkeep and live well in dry surroundings.

Display these as hanging plants, small table pots, or floor pots. Just be sure to keep these out of reach of pets and children as these can be harmful if ingested. 

Beyond Interior Design Spider Plant Indoor Plants For Air Quality

Chinese Evergreen

A favorite of ours for its bright color options and durability, aglaonema, or Chinese evergreen, is a classic go-to.

Place this plant in a number of stylish rooms and rest easy knowing care does not require a green thumb. Chinese evergreens are a great choice for a dimly lit area, bringing a little bit of life to a dark corner. 

Chinese Evergreen Indoor Plant Beyond Interior Design

Snake Plant

Formally known as sansevieria, the snake plant is the quintessential burst of green you can find in just about any modern space.

This low-maintenance greenery takes up little space, requires minimal watering, and can live indoors or outside.

Our favorite quality of snake plants is their natural air purification abilities. To our allergy-prone friends and to those looking to eliminate toxins in their homes, these are an ideal option!

For our DFW readers, there’s a great variety of local shops to begin integrating biophilic design into your home.

Some of our trusted neighborhood favorites include Sol Planted, Ruibals, Urban Spikes, Nicholas Hardie Plants, and Oasis Plant Shop.

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