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Modern Renovation Review: Mayhem to Marvel

Modern Renovation Review: Mayhem to Marvel

At first glance our Preston Hollow modern renovation packs a punch with style and stark color contrast, but there’s much more than meets the eye. Before we reached the finish line, this renovation project had a major twist in store. Following the completion of the initial renovation and just a week away from beginning the interior styling phase, a monster tornado tore through the Dallas-Fort Worth area, demolishing everything in its path including bringing this freshly designed home down to its studs.

After 3 years, this muted, refined dwelling, has risen from the mayhem and arrived more beautiful than ever. From its original traditional, tuscan-style interior we’ve contemporized and elevated this home into a modern, earth toned oasis.


Like so many traditional homes, we needed to open up the kitchen, creating better flow to the living room and welcoming in more natural light. We ensured a sense of airiness and space were present with sleek, tall cabinetry and a crisp, white hood, directing the eye vertically. The entire space is brought together with the astounding slabs of Copacabana granite and the ultra modern Miele appliances. Peak the beautifully hidden pantry!


The biggest difference in the living room was replacing the existing windows with tall sliding doors, allowing easy access outside and bringing in an incredible amount of light. From there we harken back to the kitchen with the same Copacabana granite on the updated fireplace.

To accentuate the high ceilings we doubled down with floor to ceiling curtains, a massive art installation and a bold, black mirror above the mantle. It should be noted, to accommodate our clients lifestyle, we ensured each curtain, seating, rug and more were crafted with durable, washable materials.


With an exit created through the living room’s sliding doors, we closed off the dining nook door and replaced it with wide windows. Keeping to the streamlined design, we brighten up the space with a beautiful brass fixture above a stunning mid century modern round dining table and chairs, embracing the juxtaposition of contemporary and mid century modern features.



Given the new lifestyle realities, our client needed a statement office with bright light and bold design. We boosted light and space by reflecting the windows with these groovy, rounded mirrors up the wall. Most important to transforming this space from a house to an outstanding home were the family heirlooms and personal touches placed on display like the incredible decorative masks framed and stacked on the wall.

As always, the domino effect took life throughout the house, influencing change room to room and eventually creating a total modern marvel.

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