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Dallas Home Design Trends

Dallas Home Design Trends

From Uptown, Park Cities, M Streets, and Preston Hollow, these are the elevated Dallas home design trends we’re constantly spotting and offering to our local clients. Get the inside scoop on what local homeowners are requesting for their dwellings and how best to leverage within your own.

Open Upper Cabinets – Home Design Trends

You’ve likely noticed this much adored home design trend, integrating open upper cabinets like floating shelves or just removing the cabinets to allow for negative space surrounding the hood. This spotlights an oversized, decorative hood and allows a lighter, more open kitchen environment.

Oversized Sinks – Home Design Trends

These smart, large sinks (48” and 53”) are equipped with several accessories to optimally utilize your space, like this two-tiered feature. Our clients can’t get enough of these oversized sinks as they are large enough to hide the mess, complete food preparation efficiently and equipped with all of the right accessories.

Double Islands

Elevated interior design and double kitchen islands are practically synonymous. Our modern day kitchens have transformed into a multi-use space where we congregate for cooking, working, lounging and dining. Optimizing your surface area is key and an oversized double island offers just that. Add bountiful, comfortable seating and a statement countertop to complete the space.

Personalized Closets – Home Design Trends

No longer are closets solely designated for hidden storage and hanging clothes, we’re carving out customized closet spaces to address your individual needs. Maybe it’s a coffee and tea bar within your primary bedroom to enjoy a fresh cup before your day begins or display cabinets to feature your fashion collection while maintaining an organized walk-in closet.

Auxiliary Spaces

Speaking of customizing storage spaces, butlers pantry and concealed pantries are quickly becoming the preferred option and one of the go-to home design trends. These elements can house most everyday small kitchen appliances discreetly and keep your heart of your home feeling refined and sorted.

Bold Wallpapers – Home Design Trends

Clients are more often requesting statement wallpapers. Fearlessly integrating textural patterns and lots of personality, this trend takes a page right out of interior design mogul Kelly Wearstler’s book.

Swapping Theater Rooms for Upgraded Family Spaces

Contrary to what we’ve seen in the past, the traditional theater rooms are being deprioritized for home design trends like family-oriented spaces, playrooms or dens. While these rooms are still finished with cozy, sumptuous textiles, these flexible spaces give homeowners agency to enjoy the space more often and for various uses across their multigenerational household.

Library Spaces and Couples Offices

Now that so many of us have pressing needs working from home and schooling little ones, a library space can serve many purposes to host these new realities and add a cultured touch to a home. For spouses who find themselves in need of home offices, they are working with their available space to create a couples office suitable for the individuals’ work days yet collaborative in design.

Lighting Design – Home Design Trends

More homeowners are recognizing the power of great lighting design and the architectural touch it brings to a space. It’s warranted to add that the right lighting has significant health benefits, working with your body’s circadian rhythm for better concentration and sleeping patterns.

Modern Indoor-Outdoor Living – Home Design Trends

Creating a fluid connection between outdoor and indoor living spaces is more popular than ever. Our clients are obsessed with the ability to extend the home beyond the existing indoor spaces. Nano walls and bountiful glass walls and windows allow more natural light, fresh breeze and beautiful views inside. Outdoor lounging and firepits are other major commodities for enhancing year-round alfresco living.

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