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Design Spotlight: Bold Monochromatic Style

Design Spotlight: Bold Monochromatic Style

Designing a space with one color, better known as Monochromatic style, may sound a bit overwhelming but the choice to commit to a single hue can prove to be very chic. We are all familiar with colors’ abilities to induce emotion and feeling, so imagine the power a room can have when it envelopes you in one color and one loud sentiment. It’s magic and it’s a challenge. As fearless designers, we dive deep into various textures, materials and furniture that harmoniously live together. However, when the task is to do so with one hue, the decisions are that much more crucial. Each piece needs to seamlessly live in the design and contribute to the overall ambience we’re building. 

Imagine a bright yellow sunroom, created to energize and invigorate a deep navy blue den destined to wrap visitors in a dark, oceanic wavy of coziness. When you lean into each color we need to be certain about what we are attempting to emote. Not to mention, there’s no going back once that color is locked in! With all that said, the monochromatic look is a bold design choice that when executed successfully, is worth all of the risk and brings jaw-dropping impact to a space.   


To be clear, monochromatic means containing or using only one color. When applied to design, the interior is created with or inspired by a specific color. Monochromatic style has a range. Every surface does not necessarily need to be one specific color and every surface doesn’t need to be an exact match. The goal is to create a space that pulls from a color but that is built upon through various shades and even neutral, supporting colors. It’s a delicate craft of balance and figuring out how much a client wants to commit to the monochromatic color scheme is extremely vital. 


Once you’ve identified the color you’d live to focus on within your design space, the exciting hunt for fitting pieces begins. The most efficient way to capture monochromatic style is to identify the pieces and areas with the most surface area in a space. These pieces will take up significant space within the room and have a bigger impact. Some big impact areas include the walls, the floors, the rug, the large sofa, and the expansive wall art. Once the pieces are identified you can begin the search items of various shades that live in your select hue. 

You have the freedom to choose any color across the spectrum like burnt terracotta, forest green, white stone, or anything else your heart desires. Ultimately this is your space and the bolder the color the better! Please note that we recommend maintaining one style of design to keep the colors as the focal point and not try to compete with an eclectic design. Once we’ve found the perfect furniture and accessories to create connection across your pieces, it’s time to layer the final look. We often see walls paint for a fast hit of color or massive curtains to set the tone. Whatever the choice, you’ll soon be surrounded but a lovely melange of a single color. Well, what are you waiting for? Lock in your favorite and get to crafting your own monochromatic space! 

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