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Design Spotlight: Modern Dark Interiors

Design Spotlight: Modern Dark Interiors

Dark, modern interiors have a powerful presence, exuding a sense of sophistication, style, and confidence. Often we’ll see homes utilize black or darker colors to complement a room but sometimes a space thoughtfully designed in a range of dark hues will elevate an interior more effectively. This style of design has gained serious traction in the last year, with Pinterest boards filling up with images of moody, dark interiors. Like any one-colored space, it requires meticulous decision-making and an eye for quality, to create depth and build layers of texture.



In fact, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to stray away from this bold, monochromatic look. There’s a fear that with too many hues of black, the natural light will be dimmed or swallowed whole. Some believe a dark space will offer a depressing, cave-like environment (but trust us, it’s all in the lighting!). Others are simply unsure how to execute a room in a monochromatic style. It’s no wonder that dark interiors are coveted by many but not so often executed. But from curating the perfect monochromatic dark interior to perhaps a more eclectic moody interior with dominating dark moments, this style begs for expertise. Not to fret, friends, we’re here to help you conquer those dark paint fears, bust those color myths and prove the mysterious magic of dark interiors.



It’s our opinion that black and darker colors get a bad rap. Black is a vital color, critical to most designs, however, there’s a line of thought that associates black and darker shades with negativity. However, black can evoke excitement and uplift. What’s more, a dark interior done right feels timeless and gets better with age. 


When defining modern dark interiors, this is a flexible term, open to interpretation. Dark interiors come in various shapes and sizes, with varying levels of dark colors. For some, a monochromatic dark interior will strictly integrate a pallet of the dark color of choice. However, a dark interior does not require each surface to be that same color or a related shade. Dark interiors can exist in a space of lighter shades as well. A space may center around a dark hue, but creates a balance with its contrasting surroundings. That’s all up to the eye of the beholder!



With more than a year spent inside our homes, a magnifying glass has been forced on each of our design choices, so just about everyone’s itching for new ways to elevate their interiors. Integrating dark interior design into your home may be the most efficient and surefire way to deliver a polished, elevated space. 

Crafting a monochromatic, modern dark interior is a challenge but starting with smaller projects can help. Dark paint is a great place to start. Leveraging a neutral and bright space that is finished with lighter furniture pieces and textured textiles is ideal. Some may assume adding a splash of darkness to the surrounding walls will dim the space and lose its luster. Contrarily, the darker paint frames the beautiful neutral furnishings and finishes and adds a layer of refinement! You can create the same sense of balance in a light bathroom or kitchen. Even add black paint across cabinetry to juxtapose those neutrals and bring in a bit of moodiness. The same concept can be applied by swapping out some key furniture pieces for darker, high-quality items to serve as the stars of your new modern, dark interior. 


We hope these key insights inspire you to explore the magic of darker colors across your homes. But if this seems like child’s play, you may be ready to dive in and commit to a monochromatic dark interior. Identifying exotic, quality furniture, textiles, and surfaces to enhance your new space and create a harmonious environment is a bit of a lift, but that’s what the Beyond Interior Design team lives for!






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