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Improving Acoustics in Your Home

Improving Acoustics in Your Home

When most people hear the word acoustics, their mind automatically goes to a recording studio or music venue. That is definitely a valid thought process as acoustics play an integral role in music by helping absorb sound and controlling the direction of the sound waves. But what if we told you that acoustics in your home are just as important. The benefits of in-home acoustics are quite vast (we’ll get into those a bit later) and the options of materials / products that’ll provide such benefits is more extensive than ever. Listen up as we dive a little deeper on how easy and efficient it is improving acoustics in your home.

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In the intro, we alluded to the benefits of in-home acoustics being quite vast. Increased privacy is a main benefit of better acoustics. An emptier or larger space can carry the echoes of a voice across the room, helping that sound to travel. With acoustics panels being installed on the ceiling and / or walls of a room, this helps the sound waves be absorbed, therefore preventing the sound to travel as far. Acoustic panels, as a whole, absorb reverberations and loud noise, which can negatively impact the nerves in your body. The more balanced sound (or less sound in general), can help with productivity, overall mood and contribute to lower stress levels. The ears are a major gateway to your brain and central nervous system so controlling what type of noise (or the amount) that hits your ears is imperative for a balanced overall mood.

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Adding acoustic panels to any space is the most effective way to help absorb sound and manage the overall sound quality in a room. With modern technology, and some innovative designers, acoustic panels are now available in modern colors, shapes and designs that can make any space look aesthetically pleasing, while still being sound efficient. Turf offers an array of acoustic tiles, walls and screens that will provide the maximum sound benefits desired for your space. Whether you are looking for a crease, mesh or or swell design, they have got you covered! Quite literally. Don’t want to (or can’t cover your walls) with paneling, how about your ceiling? Their selection of ceiling baffles allows you to control the sound quality from the top down, leaving the walls open for other uses.

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When it comes to sound control, ceiling and floor panels are just in the beginning. With current technology improving the sound absorption capabilities, modern fabrics are able to be transformed and molded into sleek, comfortable and sound efficient seating made for any room. The BuzziMe collection of seating is made of acoustic material that helps absorb mid-tones (voices) and high tones (cell phone ring) to help create a cocoon like structure for maximum relaxation. The modern fabric allows for maximum absorption, maximum diffusion and maximum attenuation. How’s that for some acoustic lingo? With their variety of styles (from chairs to ottomans to poufs) and color options, you are bound to find the design piece for your space.

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When it comes to sound absorption, the softer the materials, the more it’ll help with absorption. That goes for pillows, blankets, room screens and, of course, rugs. While rugs tend to cover small sections of a room at a time, they play an integral role in controlling the way sound travels through the space. Sound waves bounce off of any hard surface that it encounters. Whether it be furniture, a wall or a window, the waves bounce back and ricochet off anything it can. Some of those sound waves hit the floor and are met with sound absorbing rugs that literally dampen the sound. Strategically placing a rug in key, high volume areas like a bedroom, living room or dining area, can have a domino effect on the way sound travels throughout the entire home. The selection of rugs at Nordic Knots are not only absolutely stunning, but are sustainably made in partnership with Goodweave, which has a mission to stop child labor. 

If you live in a smaller space or don’t want to add larger, more obvious, pieces of acoustic friendly furniture, there are other solutions for you that may be more your style. From acoustic wallpaper and planters by BuzziSpace or acoustic window coverings by Perigold, there are options to fit everyone’s style and price point.

Do you have any acoustic design elements in your home? We’d love to know!

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