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Outdoor design: Don’t wait until it’s too late

Outdoor design: Don’t wait until it’s too late

When it comes to redesigning one’s outdoor space, oftentimes people wait until summer’s final days to catch those “end-of-season” sales. While the price reduction can be quite tempting, the selection that’s left during these sales is also quite limiting.


Trust us — we’ve found this out the hard way.


Even when designing projects mid-summer, we’ve ran into the issue of items going out-of-stock between the client selection and purchasing stages. Then, we’re left selecting “next-best” pieces or waiting well into the fall for the backordered item. Neither of these options are desirable for us or, more importantly, the client.


That’s why we recommend starting the design process as soon as possible. But if summer’s already underway and you do feel like a redesign is needed, reach out to a designer immediately. That way, they can give you a realistic idea of whether or not it’s possible to get that fresh look this summer or if waiting until next summer would suit you best.





If you’re feeling inspired, let us know! We’ll provide our professional opinion on when would be the best time to give your outdoor space the renovation you’ve been wanting. Or, if you like the look above, you can shop it at rewardStyle.

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