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Outdoor Design Elements for Your Indoor Space

Outdoor Design Elements for Your Indoor Space

As many continue to work from home, we are spending more time indoors as there is less need to leave our dwellings. Although that comes with its fair number of perks, it can also leave us yearning for an updated space that feels more like the outdoors. We want to help you do just that by showcasing outdoor design elements that can liven up your indoor space.


Modern living space with rattan chairs

Pierre Jeanneret Teak Wood Rattan Chair in Black by Hirsch and Timber

Most homes have at least two seating areas usually grounded by the sofa in the living space and chairs in the dining area. With a quick swap, you can make any of these areas feel more outdoorsy by introducing rattan furniture. The natural look and feel of these pieces are made from rattan vines that are tightly woven together and as of recently they are used within indoor spaces in the form of dining chairs, benches and even light fixtures. The versatile material and neutral tone strikes a chord with the modern design aficionado allowing one to introduce a more calming, and almost vintage feel, into your space.

Metal and Concrete

Bright orange outdoor table from All Modern.

Bette Aluminum Dining Table from All Modern

Tables are another perfect example of functional pieces that can easily be swapped out to make a space feel more “one with nature”. Most dining tables are made of wood, glass or even tile. Bringing in a table made of, say, concrete or metal can alter the dynamics of the room. Both concrete and metal are materials often associated with the outdoors, and rightfully so. Bringing these types of materials indoors can really add a sense of masculinity to a softer space and usher in an industrial element to, perhaps, a space that is naturally more modern or traditional. Being that both concrete and metal are both naturally cool to the touch, adding a tabletop made of these materials can quite literally cool the space and balance out the use of any warmer textiles like pillows, drapery and rugs. The Bette Aluminum Dining Table from All Modern shown above is the perfect example of an outdoor dining table that can be used indoors to transform a space.


Modern hunter green outdoor mat used in an indoor space.

Stra mat from design milk

One of the quickest ways to blend your outdoor and indoor space is by using outdoor rugs for any of your high trafficked indoor areas. Mud rooms, entryways, kitchens and other common areas are walked in daily and these rooms could benefit from a rug from an aesthetic and functionality standpoint. Most of them are machine washable, waterproof and can introduce an entirely different material that may not already be in your home such as jute, sisal and seagrass. These textures, although slightly rougher in appearance, bring a natural, more tactile element to each room helping blend the gap between your internal and external surroundings. Choose one with a vibrant hue for additional color in a space.


Modern geometric, ceramic planters

VAYU Tabletop Planter from Burke Decor

Planters are also a perfect way to accessorize your interior space with an alfresco aesthetic. Choosing planters with a more geometric shape or ones with rugged exteriors (such as those made of clay or stone) will help merge an indoor living space with an adjacent patio. The tabletop planters above from Burke Décor give us the best of both worlds: a sleek, slanted design with the neutral toned colors that remind us of a dessert palette. Especially when coupled with an indoor plant of your choice it creates the perfect setting. Find some botany inspiration in our blog post featuring The Best Plants for Wellness and Style.

What is your go-to outdoor design piece that you brought indoors?


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