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Seven last-minute gifts for the holidays

No matter how hard the retail industry tries to push all the holiday deals as early as possible, many people still find themselves shopping for last-minute gifts for the holidays. That situation can be quite stressful. Do not fear, though. We’ve comprised a list of seven last-minute gifts we think your friends and family will absolutely love! (Plus, they’ll never know you only had a few days to pull the gift together — BONUS!)


If you know the person you’re shopping for loves a certain spirit, maybe you’ve bought them a bottle of that elixir before. Change it up this year and surprise them with a new set of cocktail glasses and Assouline recipe book. The book will act as a great accent piece to the receiver’s coffee table or bar, and the new glasses will give them a fresh feel to their barware collection.


Unless someone’s tragically allergic to chocolate, everyone loves chocolate, making it a great holiday gift for even the ones you’re not sure how to shop for. To elevate the gift, go with a deluxe chocolate maker, either online or local. Compartes and Kate Weiser make beautifully designed chocolates with fantastic presentation — they’re the perfect sweet treat for colleagues, friends, and loved ones.


After the holidays, you’re loved ones are going to need another holiday to decompress. It’s only natural. That’s why a short getaway can be the perfect gift for those on your list. With minimalistic cabins outside major US cities, Getaway offers the perfect weekend getaway for stressed-out city dwellers who want to disconnect. The company’s website offers gift cards or you can purchase the getaway perhaps for a loved one or close couple. You can book a trip for your special someone and you or give a gift card so others can enjoy.


If you’ve read Five fragrances to fill your home, you know we believe home fragrances make excellent gifts. Smell heavily affects how a person experiences a space. Therefore, gifting an elegant home fragrance to someone on your list means gifting them the opportunity to provide their guests an enhanced experience. For a full list of our five favorite fragrances, hop over to our earlier post (once you’ve finished this one, of course).


As a modern designer, we’re most definitely going to recommend modern decor as a last-minute gift. If you know the person’s style and have a general idea of their home’s design, a piece of decor can be an extremely personal gift. It shows you know the person and pay attention to the things that represent them. Located in Dallas, Kasart carries a wide variety of modern decor and gifts, but for those outside of the metroplex, find a local modern shop in your neighborhood. That’s where the truly unique pieces live.


For your friends and family members who try to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle, there’s an array of gifts you can select for them. The Phillips light alarm clock uses a gradual light instead of sound to awaken people, mimicking the natural rising of the sun. Humidifiers can improve your and your home’s overall health, helping prevent certain airborne illnesses for you and prolonging the life of your plants, flooring, and furniture by creating humidity. We also love the Ullo Wine Purifier, which cleans our sulfates and sediments in one’s wine.


There few things more relaxing than laying on a picnic blanket, basking in the sun, enjoying some wine and cheese. But there are always issues keeping the wine at the right temperature and dealing with all the glassware. That’s why we find Corkcicle’s wine tumbler and canteen so convenient. You can leave the glass at home and use this durable set to enjoy your wine wherever your adventures take you. Plus, the company has numerous options and the designs are modern and sleek.

Now that you have a last-minute gift list, it’s time to get going!

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