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Design Spotlight: Geometric Style

Design Spotlight: Geometric Style

Geometry and Geometric Style plays a crucial role in the pursuit of balance and harmony through interior design. Exploring shapes, dimensions and positioning all require the mathematical practice in order to produce a masterful space. But when you take that science of shape and apply it further, infusing it within the style and decor, geometry takes on an entirely new meaning.  




A favorite of ours, in part due to its invigorating effect, geometric style, instantly energizes a room with its whimsical play on shapes. The design method walks a fine line, carefully evading a sense of rigidness that can feel synonymous with angled shapes and instead capturing a polished sensibility and modern edge. 



These eye-catching, geometric motifs bring new life and dimension to a room, colorfully papered and tiled across walls, patterned textiles thrown along cushy seating, or tailored and methodically placed as decor throughout an abode. 

Geometric shapes and modern living pairs exquisitely, as the latter ensures the style shines through its naturally clean design. Geometric patterns can quickly feel busy if not layered strategically or kept uncomplicated. A simple pop or a meticulous collaboration of geometric forms is key.




Our Beyond id team relishes the opportunity to curate geometric-inspired spaces, committed to designing the perfect balance of lively pattern-play and sophistication. A few preferred routes to integrating this theme into your own dwelling include wallpaper, decor and statement furniture. 

A hint of this shapely flair is easily accessible with hexagon coasters, a sculptural paper coffee table decor, textured lumbar pillow or a triangular candle pedestal. Commit to the aesthetic with bold wall art, a colorful, angular accent table, and shapely scones. Or dive right into the process, pulling a handful of these pieces to cure any monotonous vibes and establish your geometric paradise! 


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