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Transform Your Space Without a Renovation

Transform Your Space Without a Renovation

From the budget to the relocating, and let’s not forget the waiting game, we of all people understand the massive commitment that comes with a home renovation project. Thankfully we’ve developed a streamlined client experience, that goes beyond the extra mile. But when it just isn’t the right time for a home renovation, there are plenty of options to revive your home and breathe new life into your dwelling. It may be a bit confusing or overwhelming even, identify where to start when attempting to transform your space without a home renovation but we have a few surefire ways to jump-start the improvements. 

Rearrange & Update  

You may already have existing pieces that simply aren’t being showcased properly or this could be the perfect opportunity to bring in some fresh pieces. Smaller items may seem insignificant but they all make a difference when capturing a refreshed ambiance. Create an enticing scene at your coffee table layered with books, pottery, candles, and a lush plant or fresh flowers. We guarantee something this small has the power to polish the look and feel of a space and work together effortlessly. Bigger ticket items like mirrors, rugs, art, and photography make for great statement focal points and brilliant conversation starters too. Finally, a fresh coat of paint or slash of wallpaper can make all the difference to a well-furnished place that’s simply missing the right color scheme. So take inventory of what you already have and identify gaps that you can fill!

Fresh Fixtures Sans Renovation

We can not stress the power of lighting enough, when chosen wisely, lighting not only illuminates a space to enhance the design hues, but it offers health benefits and can even serve as a work of art. So many disregard lighting, leaving it as an afterthought in the design, but this simple fix is not to be ignored. 

The right lighting scheme brings even the best designs to new heights. For example, In a multifunctional room like the living room, space needs fixtures to suit a cozy movie session, a work from a home video call, and a night of entertaining guests. There are so many ways to fulfill the room’s needs, with floor and table lamps, sconces, and chandeliers. So have blast find the perfect styles that do double duty, delivering functionality and while being a serious show-stopper piece.

Get Organised 

This could be the most dreaded option or the most enticing depending on who’s reading this (we’re partial to a good deep clean), but getting organized is one of the most effective choices. Honestly, decluttering and tidying can revitalize your space so much more than you realize. A stylish home design is beautiful but it is not complete without a proper organization system. So often items are left on the kitchen counter, thrown in the closet, piled on a desk, and flung randomly because there is no designated area for these items to live. Everything eventually amounts to clutter. 

Start the decluttering process by cleaning an area, every single item must be pulled out and visible in order to spot out duplicates or untouched items to be sold, donated, or tossed. Once you’ve edited the belongings, each remaining item is placed in a designated home. If the space still looks and feels crowded and every item can’t find a home, then it’s time to ask if all of these materials are necessary or think about a secondary, long-term storage solution like watertight bins to keep in the attic or perhaps storage outside of the home. Read more on organization solutions from our friends at the NEAT Method


Now you’ve got an arsenal of options to enhance your spaces. Hopefully, these recommendations bring revival to your home, however, if these suggestions do not feel impactful enough it may be the right time for a renovation. Regardless, the Beyond Interior Design team is always here to serve as a resource. 

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