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All That Shines

All That Shines

All that shines (or glows) is sometimes gold. You know that at Beyond Interior Design, we love a good light fixture moment. We boasted about some of our favorite lighting designers in a this post that you can check out. Aside from the glimmer and shine, statement light fixtures are so much more versatile than we all expect them to be. Sure, they help light up a space. However, the dimension, depth and texture that a light fixture adds to a room cannot be understated. They act like conversation starters and as design elements that anchor the room. We have gathered some of our favorite and most stunning light fixtures around. Lights… action!

Bid Bright Chandelier Post Copy
  • John Richard 12-Light Chandelier (upper left) – $5,025: A twelve-light pendant in a gold-leaf finish with ebbs and flows of luminous quartz crystals.
  • Lalique Seville Clear Crystal and Gilded Metal Small Chandelier (upper right) – $31,500: The Seville crystal chandelier has satin finished crystal volutes that playfully disperse the light. Handcrafted in France.
  • Hailee Medium Sculpted Chandelier (middle left) – $10,309: This sculpted chandelier has a canopy design and is finished in natural brass and plaster white with Crystal.
  • Magnum Tiered Round Glass Chandelier (middle right) – $7,603: Inspired by industrial metal chain, the chain link is created with multiple tiers crystals and suspended wires. Finish options include brass, black or satin nickel.
  • Kelly Chandelier (low left) – $15,400: The chandelier displays cascading metallic chains on various layers to create a shimmering glow, reflective effect.
  • Large Art Deco Chandelier (lower right) – $166,525.17: From the Original Adelphi Building in London, this chandelier was the main light fitting in the entire building which graced the central space of the main foyer.

Fun fact: One of the most stunning chandeliers, weighing over 4,000 pounds and includes 750 lamps, may be found in Istanbul, Turkey’s Dolmabahçe Palace. Which one of the chandeliers above is your favorite? We want to know!

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