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Design Spotlight: Artisans & Makers Movement

Design Spotlight: Artisans & Makers Movement

In the booming era of technological advancements, the artisans and makers movement unexpectedly has found a resurgence within interior design. We may be  surrounded with the latest and greatest gadgets of all time, but consumers are more conscious than ever. As a result, the appeal for hand-craftsmanship has possibly never been stronger.

It can be furniture, decor, finishes, or fixtures, but clients want to understand the stories and creators of the pieces in their home. It’s a large reason why our industry has seen an increase in the popularity of Raw Modern style. Clients crave the juxtaposition of unfinished, organic textures and textiles with polished and refined architectural design. More often, clients are asking to capture this look and feel and integrate their one-of-a-kind artisanal finds from their travels. It’s a beautiful balance that never loses its appeal. Regardless of the moment, the trends or fads, the artisans and makers movement delivers a timeless allure. 


There’s no one look that defines artisans and makers style, however, there are characteristics. The movement is an appreciation for the hand-made and the artisan’s expertise in crafting the item. The uniquely made pieces can be the main features of space or can be sprinkled across a modern space like a hand-carved, antique wood stool and a mohair accent chair. The balance is all based on preference. 

Artisans and makers movement is more than a certain look, and rather an emphasis on relationships, history, and conscious consumerism. You’ll find no big box store items here (even though they have their place). This style requires the diligent, hard work of artisans and makers locally and in far corners of the world implementing the challenging techniques that result in beautiful creations.


Our industry is passionate about discovering and creating connections with the world’s most talented creators. It is something our firm has dedicated much energy to. Building fruitful relationships with the globe’s leading artisans and bringing the best offerings to our clients. With the right artisan and hand-crafted items and materials, there is an elevated level of quality and an unmatched sense of warmth and depth. It’s sort of a “you know it when you see it” moment. Fortunately, our team has had the global experience, done the research and the leg work to identify our network’s favorites. 


But that’s not to say this movement can’t be attained on an individual level! Shopping locally and shopping through artisan marketplaces is growing increasingly popular and becoming more accessible. It promises one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to the room and its residents. What’s more, you don’t have to cross oceans and travel the world to find a stunning, artisan-crafted piece. You can support the immense pool of talented creators and artists just beyond your dwelling.


Being in our line of work and being based in Texas, we’re so lucky to discover some of the best and brightest creators within reach as well. It may take some time. Understanding the range of furniture, textiles, and accessories available and creating intentional connections to your neighboring artists is one way to go about it. And if that sounds like too much work, you can always shop online. There are great consumer-conscious shops dedicated to finding one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted pieces. Not to mention, sharing story surrounding the item and its creator! 


With a closer look at the artisans and markers movement, we hope you’re inspired to bring some hand-craftsmanship into your home.



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