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Designing Your At-Home Fitness Space

Designing Your At-Home Fitness Space

In recent months, it’s likely you’ve attempted or successfully conquered a new workout routine in your at-home fitness space in an effort to release the pent up energy that pairs so easily with quarantining. There are few things that feel as rewarding as an at-home fitness session, unless there is a well-designed home gym to match! Optimizing your home to enhance an existing gym or establish a temporary home fitness space has been a daunting reality for many. However, there is no need to fear, we have plenty of tips to boost those endorphins and your workout game.    


Space & Location for Your At-Home Fitness Space

Most crucial to your workout is having sufficient at-home fitness space to complete it. Large training equipment will require significantly more space than a zen corner for your yoga mat, so based on your preferred fitness routine space and location can vary. Accommodating the right amount of space will ensure you have adequate room for your current training equipment, storage and room for future expansions as your workouts evolve. 

Gym Flooring 

Normally, our BEYOND id team would not recommend rubber or foam flooring in a modern luxury home, however, durability, comfort and safety make these ideal options. Based on your workout routines, flooring should offer cushion for comfortable floorwork and potential falls. Other areas may require stiff, non-slippery flooring to sustain heavy machinery and weights.

Biophilic Design 

The presence of biomorphic forms or natural materials in an at-home fitness space can provide a connection with nature. Incorporate the outdoors as much as possible through plants, large windows, and lush views to allow nature inside and improve your well being. Whether you are in the design stage and already have a full-fledged home gym, there are opportunities to integrate biophilic design and reap the benefits.


Natural Lighting in the At-Home Fitness Space

Those large windows to enhance biophilic design will also pour in natural light which can improve mood and concentration. Not to mention, good lighting helps regulate stress, depression and illness. 

From smart bulbs to circadian lighting systems, read more on our favorite indoor lighting picks here

Air & Thermal Comfort 

You’ve heard it from our BEYOND id team before but we can not reiterate the importance of ventilation and air quality enough. It plays a huge role in maintaining your health and this is especially true during fitness sessions that exert your breath. 


Beyond proper filtration, light breezes and other natural movements are key. These motions are commonly recognized as “soft fascination” and are known to improve concentration and performance. By mimicking these movements with “soft fascination stimuli” you can effortlessly garner results in a gym environment and increase your well-being. 


This may be too much information but it’s no secret the gym can be a sweaty, smelly experience. We recommend integrating some aromatherapy options in order to maintain a fresh scene and create a soothing space for your exercise. 

Healthy & Safety

Last but certainly not least, your health and safety is a major priority and key factor in creating the proper at-home fitness space. Ample storage will keep the area clear and help avoid any potential injuries. Continuously cleaning your equipment and gear will also reduce bacteria and odors that follow an intense workout session. We cannot stress this enough but hold on to those instruction manuals and regularly check your equipment for faulty machinery and any necessary upkeep. 

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  • Eve Mitchell
    | 16 May 2022

    Thanks for mentioning that having large windows in your fitness room can help improve your performance. I’m thinking about renovating my guest room into a fitness room so I can store all of my things in there. I love to exercise at home, so it’d be nice to have a professional help me design the best space.

    • Luis Carmona
      | 20 May 2022

      Glad we could help. Feel free to reach out to us via our website to learn more about what type of assistance you may need.

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