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Luxury Small Space Design

Luxury Small Space Design

It’s easy to write off a smaller room as a dead zone for grandeur but we’re here to demystify the pursuit of a luxury small space. Our team at Beyond Interior Design believes there’s never a space too small to disregard as an opportunity to infuse high, quality modern design. It simply takes a lot of imagination and a few key rules to keep in mind.  

Size Matters in a Luxury Small Space

When it comes to smaller spaces, bigger is better. When choosing furniture, it’s best to identify fewer furnishings that are multifunctional and grand. This way, the number of focal points is limited and it creates the illusion of a bigger room. We recommend avoiding overcompensating for a tighter environment with petite furniture and too much decor and instead of keeping it streamlined. Plus, what is more luxurious than an inviting lush couch for your guests or a cozy movie night in?


Lift The Eyeline

There may not be room to spare horizontally, so that’s when we move to optimize the vertical space. To continue the illusion of a bigger space, we love to lift the eyeline upward with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace or artwork hung high. 

Say Yes to Statements!

A smaller space offers fewer opportunities to wow, so we want to take advantage of creating one or some stand-out, focal points. This can be achieved by highlighting a specific statement item like a collection of framed photos or sprinkling a few thoughtful statement items across the space. Regardless of what is chosen, it’s important to be international about the statement piece and clearly pull focus to these moments. 


Mindful Decor for a Luxury Small Space

Less is more in the department. We love a good accessory but a good editor will make the necessary decisions to sparse down the decor to the most effective and fitting pieces. We love bringing the outdoors in with a lush indoor plant or perhaps a sculptural decor piece that also serves as art. The last thing one wants to do in a small space is to overwhelm the environment with too many small decor items. So be mindful about what you choose and keep editing!  

Luxury Small Space Rug Rules

More crucial than other rooms, a small space requires the perfect rug to serve two roles: clearly defining the design and enhancing the illusion of the space. Choosing the right-sized rug, pattern, and color can make or break a space. We recommend as a good standard rule, to ensure the rug can accommodate and fit most of the furniture within its boundaries. 

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