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Elevated Outdoor Spaces 

Elevated Outdoor Spaces 

As we officially enter the summer season, it’s inevitably time for us to head outside to savor our elevated outdoor spaces for pool lounging and al fresco dining.  As pleasant as this scene sounds, this may also be the moment when you re-examine those great outdoor living spaces. With the clock ticking, the weather warming and more people opting to stay at home, there’s never been a better time to assess the exteriors and ask if you’re utilizing the open-air space to its fullest potential. 

We are no strangers to boosting the backyard scenes of our clients and this summer is no different. We spoke with some of the most esteemed exterior designers in our professional network who we consider subject matter experts and whose serene outdoor spaces align with the BEYOND id aesthetic. Read on to learn more from our team and our industry colleagues on the latest trends and necessities, in addition to sought-after advice for creating inspired, impactful visions. 


Design – Randy Angell Designs; Build – Pool Environments; Photo – Jimi Smith Photography



Summer months are paired with a blazing sun. Whether you’re mindful of the health hazards that come with sun exposure, or perhaps sensitive to the heat, an outdoor space loses most of its functionality when the hot, direct sunlight hits. 

The need for shade is a common starting point for Randy Angell of Randy Angell Designs

Randy Angell and his team know the major improvement covered outdoors can bring to their clients’ lifestyle so they can not only utilize the yard on temperate days but utilize it as often as they’d like, regardless of the sun’s rays. They opt for custom-style structures, built with metal in a sleek, modern finish like these louvered roof options. We are big fans as these maintain continuity of a refined space from the interior to the exterior. 



One of our favorite heat-fighting discoveries is MistAmerica, an outdoor cooling system that can refresh and chill patios by 30 degrees. We connected with the co-founders Jonathan and Valeri Marsh to share their insights, “When the weather turns hot, we think we have to stay locked inside in the cool AC rather than reclaiming and enjoying our beautiful outdoor spaces we love so much. Our mist systems give you back your backyard.”

We are particularly fans of their system as it can be integrated into shade structures, custom painted to match exterior colors, or installed during the remodeling phase for maximal discretion. 




While we are witnessing patios and lawns transitioning to cleaner, simple open spaces, the trends follow suit. Jason Osterberger of Jason Osterberger Designs has clients opting for lounging club chairs over table seating to enhance the relaxing element. Greenery has also shifted from a lush, english-country garden to a more tailored, ordered landscape. Jason also notes that flexible lawn spaces are highly desirable as the areas serve for special occasions and events.




Randy Angell specializes in outdoor water designs like swimming pools, spas, water features, not to mention the intricate water systems to support these elements. He is receiving many requests for simple shaped pools. Rectangle and L-shaped pool designs maintain a clean canvas that won’t compete for attention, but rather can be layered upon with different elements of greenery and outdoor furniture. 

“It’s all about relaxation, you need to have this exhale when you see the pool and the space,” says Randy.



More popular than ever are the fire features. While fireplaces can create an excellent statement, they can occasionally feel stagnant and ornamental. Firepits offer families and guests a space to surround and participate in creative activities together, s’mores anyone?


Design – Randy Angell Designs; Build – Aquaterra Outdoors; Photo – Jimi Smith Photography



“Build what you want, what is going to improve your life.” 

While Randy understands that resale value is a priority, he wants clients to remember that this investment is for them. With that in mind, invest in the things that will most serve you rather than replicating a page torn from your monthly design magazine subscription. When exterior designers collaborate with interior designers like our BEYOND id team, every material is chosen to create high-end customizations that read fluidly from the home’s interiors to the outdoor spaces. Our teams are dedicated to work together to create moments and spaces for you, with your unique vision and needs in mind. 



“I never want a space to be a rubber stamp of someone else’s yard, I want each space associated with my client.” 

Jason shares that prior to diving into the logistics of budgeting on a new project, he prefers that clients share their wildest exterior design dreams so as not to feel their creativity is hindered by budgets. At that point, he and his team can take his client’s inspiration to create grounded in the realities yet something masterful and visionary.


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