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High End Lacquer

High End Lacquer

Decorative lacquerware has been used in cultures for thousands of years. Japanese lacquer, or urushi, comes from the sap of the urushi tree, also known as the lacquer tree. The sap goes through a vigorous process that results in the transparent, viscous, honey textured lacquer. Not so fun fact, the liquid sap from the urushi tree, in its raw form, is quite poisonous and even breathing in the fumes can be dangerous. The passing of this centuries old tradition and modern technology have advanced this ancient method that allows us to have the modern day lacquered furniture that many of us love. The high end gloss adds a touch of sophistication to any piece of furniture or design element making it a popular aesthetic in the design world. Think that lacquered surfaces are just for side tables and accent, decorative trays? Think not. We have compiled a short list of our favorite, and most exquisite, lacquered pieces that’ll surely leave you satisfied. Enter the world of high end lacquer.

Bid High Laquer
  1. The Hypnotic II Chandelier is decorated with brass coils that twist and turn to give this chandelier some added texture. The hexagon panels that give this light fixture its shape are black lacquer in a high gloss finish giving it an added shine that helps reflect the light. ($10,800)
  2. This Tortoise Mirror with High Gloss Black Lacquered Wood Structure gets its inspiration from the hard shell of a tortoise. The lacquered wood structure contrasts with geometric, hexagonal Anthracite, Nero Marquina and Yellow Triano marble details. ($11,770)
  3. The Monocentrico Glossy Dining Table by Dimorestudio is the perfect focal point for any dining space. The elliptical top is made of wood and lacquered in light pastel shade while it sits on a cylindrical leg made of oxidized brass and satin steel giving this pedestal table the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. ($24,155) 
  4. The imperial design of the 21st Century Cortez Dining Table was inspired by the Palace of Ajuda, a neoclassical monument in the civil parish of Ajuda, in Lisbon. The tabletop is made of wood finished with high gloss black varnish decorated with a line of gold leaf coated embellishments. The base are two geometric feet in lacquered wood and gold leaf coated semi-spheres. ($13,291)
  5. This statement piece truly sets the bar. The Amuneal’s Gloss Lacquer Bar with Integral Brass Sink has hand-polished lacquered cabinet doors and drawer faces with buffed brass, modern pulls. The bulk of this piece is made of polished and patinated brass with a custom royal blue lacquer. ($42,270)
  6. Speaking of bars, the Spellbound Bar Cabinet is designed in a high gloss lacquer and decorated with a metal organic lace. The interior is perfectly designed to store your wine or cocktail accouterments, of choice. Fun fact: this piece has a hidden drawer to keep your secret recipes or any other secret gems. ($25,929)
  7. Contemporary 3 Legs Marble Round Side Table Polished Marble Gloss Lacquer This Billie Side Table boasts a cool, structural vibe with its marble table with polished brass details. The top and legs are made of polished Guatemala Green Marble, while the legs also have a touch of gloss Light Ivory lacquer. The ornate rings are Polished Brass. ($7,187)
  8. The Kennedy Chest offers a bold, noir design that makes the focal point of any room. It has oversized brass hardware that opens to dual drawers and six shelves for added storage. Finished in black lacquered wood. ($8,255)

What lacquered pieces do you have in your space? We want to know! Let us know in the comments.

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