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Our 2021 Round Up

Our 2021 Round Up

This year has been interesting to say the very least. The pandemic continues to challenge us but has taught us how to pivot and stay agile as a business. It has forced us to adapt and coexist in this new normal that not only has changed the way we provide our services to our clients, but has altered how we view the needs of our clients. Despite these setbacks, we have been fortunate to still have experienced growth in our brand. From new team members, to press mentions to some exciting projects, we wanted to bring you along for our 2021 Round Up!

Major Milestones and Wins

We couldn’t be more grateful for another exhilarating year for our entire office. We were a Luxe Red Award Regional Winner in the Bathroom category for our sleek concrete and glass design, and we had one of our modern remodels featured in Rue Daily

The wins kept coming with a press mention in House Beautiful’s February/March 2021 Incredible Renovations issue. Our latest feature was in Dallas Innovates to announce the launch of Beyond Interior Design’s recently launched concept, Athlete-Centric Design. And to top things off, we officially trademarked Athlete-Centric Design this past Summer which is extremely exciting!

Luxe Red Awards Regional Winner press mention

luxe RED Awards Regional Winner 2021 – Bathroom

Athlete-Centric Design

As mentioned above, we are elated to have recently launched Athlete-Centric Design, an extension of the Beyond Interior Design brand that promotes luxury interior design to improve an athlete’s performance on the field, court or rink through health and wellness elements. In the Dallas Innovates article, it states, “One of Beyond Interior Design’s key differentiators is infusing each project with “biophilic design” — an approach that keeps a home’s occupants connected to the natural environment through the use of direct and indirect nature, promoting a wide range of health benefits.” This method was widely successful for us in 2021, and we are excited to see this facet of our business grow in the new year as we embark on more projects where we implement this design concept.

Press mention in Dallas Innovates for Athlete-Centric Design

Press articlec in Dallas Innovates featuring Athlete-Centric Design

Living In Your Home

Continuing on from 2020, working from home became the new normal that everyone was catapulted into. Luckily for us, Beyond Interior Design was already structured as a company to work from home so the transition was pretty seamless. That meant your design projects stayed on track! Random nooks became workstations, spare bedrooms became in-home offices, and in-person office meetings turned into Zoom calls. More and more employers allowed you to not come in the office which meant your hours at home increased exponentially. With almost two years of experience working from home under our belt, this year we made sure that your home was more livable (and functional) than ever. Luckily, we had you covered! We made your dining room a staple for meals, your living space a haven for those rare in-person conversations, and your bedroom an oasis that you looked forward to each and every day.

Bedroom designs from this past year

Bedroom designs from this past year


We worked hard to ensure we gave our clients what they requested. From custom builds to home remodels to space planning, the Beyond Interior Design team stayed busy this year selecting hard to find surface options and one-of-a-kind home furnishings. We continued to provide our clients with world class service while pushing the boundaries on design for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Design ideation session for one of our clients

Design ideation session in progress

None of this could have been possible without the exceptional team and talent that makes up Beyond Interior Design. Without each and every one of them, 2021 would not have been possible. A virtual cheers to a prosperous 2022!

Some of our beloved Beyond Interior Design staff members

Some of our beloved Beyond Interior Design staff members



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